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Current Updates

September 8, 2013 -

Lots of New Pics from Linka Modellers!

We have a backlog of some great pictures submitted by Linka World modellers to share.

First-up are some pictures submitted by Mr. Richard Young. You may recognize his name as the designer of many of the original Linka Systems model kits, including the Brick Terrace, Stone Terrace, Corner Store, and Country Inn. Another design he produced was the Corner Cafe, shown here:

Unfortunately, the design with it's angled walls and roof sections was deemed "too complicated" for a basic model and never made it to production. The picture above is the actual prototype Mr. Young produced for Linka Systems.

Mr. Young also created Hall House, a model he produced for the UK magazine, Military Modelling in 1989:

Here's a picture showing all the parts that went into the Hall House building:

Mr. Young's last picture is of a pair of low-relief buildings he created:

I think these are terrific because they show another use for Linka beyond full-scale scenery.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with "low-relief" buildings, they are often used as background for other, large-scale dioramas or railway layouts. They add texture and realism to the background while not taking up as much space as a full-scale structure.

Thank you Mr. Young for all of your pictures and the great information on the history of Linka as well!

The next update comes to us from Mr. Dave Lamping. Mr. Lamping sends us a pair of pictures of his own Shire Post Office building:

A really nice model, and terrific use of the brickwork moulds - Thank you Mr. Lamping!

Our last update for today comes to us from Mr. Jesper Hvid. He sends us some great little models for tabletop scenery:

But the best part of these models is that they feature removable roofs and upper stories so that the interiors can be used for gaming as well:

Thank you, Mr. Hvid!  These pictures illustrate the versatility of the Linka moulds and should provide some great inspiration for gamers.

We have many more great pictures to share in the coming weeks. We also have some exciting news regarding new Linka moulds and accessories coming in 2012!



To view previous submissions, be sure to look at our Gallery and Recent Updates pages.



Some terrific examples of what's possible with Linka (click on images to view larger picture):




(Click for Previous Updates)



General Scale Information

In response to questions we received about the size of individual castings, we are posting this picture:

It gives a pretty good idea of the size of individual, standard castings.  Although this picture shows two stone castings, the standard panel size is the same as other types of Linka castings (brick, timber, and roofing).

Here's another photo that is a good reference for the basic scale of our unmodified products.  It shows a small stone church being attacked by Vikings.  The figures are 1/72 scale plastics and are approximately one inch (2.5 cm) tall.

(Picture courtesy of Yassine Amraoui)

Here are a few pictures that demonstrate the versatility of Linka.  The first two pictures show Linka structures with 28mm figures next to them.  These demonstrate how our product can be used with larger scales:

(Picture courtesy of Robert Sakaluk)

(Picture courtesy of Aidan Boustred)

And this picture shows Linka with smaller (15mm) Flames of War figures for scale:

(Picture courtesy of Duncan Colby)

To use Linka with other scales, simply trim a row or two from the bottom of each casting (for 15 mm) to "lower" the walls, doors, and windows, or add a cut row or two to the bottom of each piece (for 28 mm) to "raise" the castings to the proper height for larger figures.




Linka is a system of reusable, rubber moulds used to make highly detailed brick, stone, and timber buildings and other scenery structures.  They are ideal for railroad layouts, dioramas, military modeling, Christmas or holiday villages, craft projects, and tabletop wargaming. (more)...

We ship anywhere in the world
for just
$6 USD!

on orders of $100 USD or more!



The Reusable Linka Moulds:


The remarkable Jervaulx Abbey:

(Courtesy of Mr. Derek Shaw)





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